• The Association VRUĆIŠKI bali was founded in 2015 in order to promote, develop and improve the cultural, artistic, recreational and leisure activities of residents and guests of Donje Vrućice and other places in the municipality of Trpanj, as well as other surrounding places of Peljesac peninsula, encouraging residents, emigrants and guests to creative work , Artistic expression, expression of talents and other personal opportunities, leisure activities, and the availability of cultural and other content and modalities of their inclusion in cultural, recreational and other projects and cultural life as a whole. Special emphasis is placed on cultural heritage and traditional culture, the protection of the environment and nature, and the strengthening of the activities for the development of the rural area where the association primarily operates.
    Areas of activity of the Association, in accordance with the goals, are: culture and art, hobby activities, sport recreational activities, sustainable development, and environmental and nature protection.
    Within the Association there is the Women's Klapa DIVNA from Trpanj, until 30.9.2019. From that date, as a separate association.

  • In the village of Donja Vrućica in the municipality of Trpanj there is an ex-school building which is not used for more than 40 years. For some time it was used as an occasional medical outpatient clinic, and today only as an involuntary polling station. The school has in the meantime been repaired (the roof has been replaced and high quality locks have been installed), however a few years ago there was a strike of the thunder and the collapse of the roof and the damage to the dirt, so the building itself and the remaining old school inventory became exposed to further (degrading) . The official name of the building is the House of Culture.
    Still, since the date of construction in 1953, land registry relations with the building itself have not been resolved, however, it is indisputable that it is the property of the municipality or the municipality of Trpanj. When at the end of 2014 some of the permanent and temporary residents of the town started an initiative for the reconstruction and acquisition of the cultural purpose of the building in question, in agreement with the mayor of the municipality, was established the Association of Vrućiški bali, which could in the building carry out its activity stipulated by the Statute and make it the same Gathering primarily members of the Association and the local population, which unfortunately do not have in the area of ​​the municipality of special activities that could be included, especially activities and events in the field of culture.
    It should be noted that only 20 inhabitants live in the village (reportedly), and in the whole of Trpanj there are around 500 inhabitants, mostly older, and from the very beginning this initiative and the project of incorporating the building and the implementation of the activities of the Association received from Big skepticism, questions that all work when there is little people and that there is no interest in it. But in the first modest support of the municipalities of Trpanj and Dubrovačko-Neretvanska County and in particular the inhabitants themselves, in 2016, the Association organized and held the first theatrical performance of the professional ensemble ever held in Donja Vrućica in its multi-century existence, which was the event For memory, triggered the local population and, above all, with overall support and satisfaction, created a positive atmosphere for continuing activities. It should be noted here that the members of the Association and the Donjovrućic who are in the summer are staying in the place, under the demolished beams and construction materials, extracted and cleaned the old school bench and old chairs from the former school hall, while the rest of the seat was borrowed from DVD Trpanj. The old school desks were a great hit especially for those visitors who were sitting there during their schooling, and at the same time, by their dedication and use, they showed what valuable cultural good was in this building. Not to be longer, the performance of the City Youth Theater in Split Theater Hour (August 25, 2016) was attended by between 130 and 150 people of local residents from all parts of Trpanj Municipality and somewhere in the surrounding area on the day when the Oskorušna neighborhood was in the neighborhood The feast days and the Hajduk game. Support to the continuation of these activities was also presented by volunteers (donations) in order to help the organization of the new show, and many expressed their willingness to participate in their work and resources in further activities related to the work of the Association and to the Home Culture itself.
    If this event was not incidental, we received the confirmation and during the organization of the Sveti Sv. Kuzme and Damjana, the patron saint of the village (27.9.), When there was over 130 people in front of the House of Culture, after a solemn ceremony, enjoying a party, a children's playground and a social game of tombol. Homepages were funded and prepared by participants of the celebration.
    The first musical concert in Donja Vrućica, an artist from Split, Ane Domančić, a flute and Evgenie Epshtein, a violin (28.10.2016), and a performance of the Croatian National Theater in Split (first performance of the National Theater in Peljesac) were very successful.
    Result: The municipality repaired the roof of the building, and residents expect new theater performances and concerts; Klapa Divna is a successor to numerous performances.

  • Vrućiški (Vrućica's) because the Association is located at Donja Vrućica, and bali as a dance, but also as when you get into something there is no turning back or quitting.


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